How MTO Black Friday Started

MTO Black Friday is a family-owned business that resells liquidation products at a discounted price. They inspect all items before making a sale to ensure that everything is 100% to your satisfaction. In this blog post, we’ll uncover how their business started, how they worked towards their current success, and what’s to come for this great up-and-coming empire.

Home to more than 100 different product categories, MTO Black Friday sells shelf-pulls, overstock, or end-of-life products from the country’s biggest manufacturers and retailers. The company also refurbishes items to match that of the manufacturer’s exacting standards. For items that are both refurbished or brand new, you’ll be offered a 90-day warranty from the date when the item was picked up.

Moreover, the company may accept returns should the merchandise be in a different quantity or condition than stated, in rare circumstances.

What started as a small idea between family members has now grown into a thriving partnership with various suppliers and retailers across the country. To keep their powered machine running, new liquidation inventory is listed three times a day.

We spoke to MTO Black Friday’s CEO and owner, Jon Monstruo, and asked him for important details regarding his growing business and how he managed to bring it to where it is today, along with a history of the company. Here are the details of that conversation:

1. When did you start your business?

Jon first had the idea in his mind to create the building blocks for what would become MTO Black Friday back in 2019. The business was launched in September of the same year.

2. How did you get started?

The business had its humble beginnings in the back of his car, specifically in the truck. He sold merchandise this way until he decided to truly realize the potential of his investment.

3. What was your goal when you started?

Jon had the vision of an online store when he first got started. Today, that goal is within reach and the team is now closer than ever to accomplishing this dream.

4. When did your business start taking off and how did it happen?

Jon explained that the business first took off after posting on social media sites as well as 3rd party platforms, providing him with a great boost in sales.

5. What prompted you to start an eCommerce business?

When asked this question, Jon answered by simply saying that he saw a booming future in the eCommerce business. Moreover, he believed in the potential of social media that kept him going even through times of uncertainty and when challenges would pop up.

6. What is the biggest challenge that you have encountered thus far in the business?

Jon confessed that his biggest challenge in this venture was getting distracted with other opportunities and businesses, thus taking his focus away from his main goal.

The Future of MTO Black Friday

Jon and his team are dedicated to completing the first phase of their brand’s grand reveal online. With plans to transition their stock and items into a digital space, the future only seems brighter for MTO Black Friday. For more details or for great deals and discounts on household supplies, appliances, clothes, and much more — call 215-613-5078 or visit