MTO Black Friday Continues to Rise Through the Years!

Are you an avid online shopper? If you are, then you’ve probably considered eCommerce platforms and sites to be a godsend. This is especially true if you’ve passed the time looking at online catalogs and checking out a few items here and there. As a shopper, you must have gone through a period of looking at and buying pre-loved items. For this reason, MTO Black Friday is here for you. MTO Black Friday has been in the selling game for a long time. This small (or at least, it was) family-owned business based in Berlin, New Jersey has made a killing by finding and reselling quality items. “What kinds of items,” you ask? Well, anything you can think of. From furniture to electronics, MTO Black Friday has it all. And with us setting our sights on the eCommerce world, we continue to grow both in popularity and relevance. Read on to learn more about the meteoric rise of our retail company!

Great Deals and Humble Beginnings

If you haven’t heard of or come across MTO Black Friday, here’s a quick profile of how we made our mark originally. MTO Black Friday was the brainchild of a New Jersey-based family and a simple idea — to give shoppers the Black Friday experience every day. Guided by this idea, we sold everything from clothing to toys and electronics at record-low prices. This went far to deliver according to our customers’ expectations. At MTO Black Friday, we began our ventures online. We took our first few steps in the shopping and retail industry by taking advantage of eBay’s broad customer reach. We did not confine ourselves to eBay, though. With a growing clamor for a physical store in Berlin, New Jersey, MTO Black Friday obliged. Between 2019 and 2020, MTO Black Friday welcomed thousands of shoppers looking for great deals into their doors. The brick-and-mortar location of our company remained at White Horse Pike. From our base of operations here, we sold everything to customers looking for the right balance between a bargain and a quality product.

The MTO Black Friday Store

While maintaining our presence on eBay, we continued to serve customers from our physical store in Berlin, New Jersey. If you drive along White Horse Pike, you’ll get a view of the store with its large balloon mascots and a large sign bearing the company’s name. As you enter, you’ll find aisles upon aisles of assorted items you won’t find in any old thrift shop. Even though nearly all of MTO Black Friday’s offerings are pre-loved, you’ll find every item on the shelf in great condition. In fact, the items are in such good condition that you’ll question whether or not they’re second-hand. All in all, the MTO Black Friday store is a beacon of bargains along White Horse Pike. And we continue to grow at an astounding rate.

MTO Black Friday Off-Store

As mentioned earlier, at MTO Black Friday we never really took our hands off the wheel when it comes to eBay. We continue to amaze our online customer base using the platform. Through the years, though, MTO Black Friday has explored other ways to make a killing online. So, we turned our heads to another platform that’s got a broad reach — Facebook. MTO Black Friday has used Facebook as a way to advertise our in-store offerings. Today, you’ll still find us active on social media, and adding Instagram to our mix of platforms. If you want a bargain, you can either drive to the store or check out our company on Facebook or Instagram. As you can imagine, social media worked wonders for our growing MTO Black Friday customer base.

MTO Black Friday’s Future eCommerce Pursuits

With years of building our customer base and experience in eCommerce, we just recently built our eCommerce site. The site at the time of writing makes use of the Shopify CMS platform. By the time our company’s eCommerce site is up and running at 100% capacity, you’ll be able to check out items and add them to your shopping cart. Also, the site adds to the other platforms we have taken advantage of.

Final Word: The Future Looks Bright for MTO Black Friday

Ultimately, you can put the growth of MTO Black Friday down to our name. Every day is Black Friday when you shop at MTO Black Friday. Many customers have agreed. That’s why we’ll continue to rise! Stay tuned for more updates like this.